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Alicia Vadnais

Elleeplex Profusion Lash Lamination Conversion Course- Online

Elleeplex Profusion Lash Lamination Conversion Course- Online

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Alicia Vadnais




Before purchasing this course, you MUST email me a copy of the certificate you completed from your previous training, as well as a copy of your professional license. 
Once approved, you will be instructed to purchase this course.   

Eligible Students: In order to complete this course the student will need to have a pre-existing knowledge and understanding of the lash lift/lamination application. They will need to have trained with another competitive brand (and provide a copy of the other brand certificate to be approved by HQ Australia) and have a well-developed knowledge of the following: -

•  Eye anatomy
•  Hair and lash structure.
•  Client/technician wellbeing and self-care
•  Health, safety and sanitation
•  Eye shapes and face considerations when performing a lash lamination 

Course to include:

Lash Lamination Conversion:

  • Elleeplex Profusion 5 Shot Lash Lamination Pack
  • Original Elleebana Lash Lift Adhesive

*Access to the Elleeplex Profusion online conversion course for 90 days 

You must then submit 5 passing case studies to receive your official Elleeplex Profusion certification submitted to Please submit one at a time so I can give you feedback to ensure the models will count towards your certification. 

If you do not feel confident or qualified and/or do not meet these requirements, please do not purchase this course. 

***Student's certificate will be reviewed by Elleebana HQ and must be approved in order to take the course***


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